Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Incredible Hulk

No, this movie wasn't at the film festival, but on the second last day I got a note from my parking lot that they would not be open the next day and would be closing for a week. Also, it was hard to miss the cables strung along the sidewalk around Yonge and Gerrard when going between the Ryerson Theatre and the Elgin Theatre.

But the most difficult thing to miss was the Apollo Theatre being "built" just south of Gerrard on Yonge Street.

This was all in aid of five days of shooting of a replacement for the Ang Lee version of The Incredible Hulk which was to be shot here in the coming week.

On Saturday, the parking lot where I used to park was full of production trailers and two New York City buses, one sadly burned out ... and the Apollo Theatre was advertising the Friday and Saturday appearance of the Harlem Gospel Singers.

More details at the IMDB page.