Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blood Brothers

I actually enjoyed watching this one which was a thirties gangster movie that takes place in Shanghai. Production values were great. Cinematography was great.

But it was a bit overwrought and it was sometimes difficult to follow what exactly was going on or to tell which character was on the screen at a time because the three main actors all looked so much alike.

Director: Alexi Tan
Country: Taiwan/China/Hong Kong, China
Year: 2007
Language: Mandarin
Runtime: 95 minutes
Format: Colour/35mm
Rating: 14A
Cast & Crew
Production Company: CMC Entertainment/Lion Rock Productions/Sil-Metropole Organization
Executive Producer: Huang Chinwen, Song Dai, Roger Lee
Producer: John Woo, Terence Chang
Screenplay: Alexi Tan, Jiang Dan, Tony Chan
Principal Cast: Daniel Wu, Chang Chen, Shu Qi, Liu Ye, Lulu Li, Sun Honglei, Tony Yang